I'm Stephen Underhay, a photographer and writer based out of Red Deer, Alberta. I've lived here for two years and when I'm not in the city at my full-time job as a firefighter I'm usually out in the mountains.

I specialize in adventure photography. This includes lifestyle, landscape and astrophotography. An avid mountaineer, climber and trekker, I've developed my style through a passion for exploration and adventure. 

Utilizing my skills in harsh conditions and adverse weather has helped me build a versatility and confidence to branch out into product, event and portraiture work while still maintaining my adventure base. 


An organization for outdoor discovery. I'm happy to be an adventurer for this group where I contribute trip logs and journal pieces.

A socially conscious group of explorers who aim to inspire people and use that influence to support sustainable education projects. I regularly contribute to their blog in my own aim to help inspire.

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