High Level Tourism Project
Creative Outline – Scope of Work
Stephen Underhay

Project Objectives

This project is designed to boost tourism in the region through a predominantly web-based approach. This allows for a quantifiable measure of social media reach and web traffic. This strategy will also allow for cross-promotion through use of still photography in publication as well as a collection of video clips/photos for future use.


  • 5 minute high quality video promoting the tourism activities of the region
  • Several 30-60 second ‘video spot’ commercials for various outlets
  • Still photography for use in both web and publication
  • Multi faceted distribution plan: web, social media planning and publication strategy

Film Focus

The film approach will be to showcase the key tourism features of the region through the most complimenting seasons. This will also include a look into the culture and history of the area. Examples of this can be: moving time-lapse of northern lights shows throughout the winter, action footage of the snowmobile club, horseback riding throughout the summer, wildlife in the fall, farming operations in the fall.

An inclusive look of LIFE AT PLAY in the High Level Region will show people what the area (both developed infrastructure and natural attractions) has to offer.

Sample Still Photography


This project will be designed to incorporate the most high value seasons of the region. This includes: spring (April/May), summer (July) and autumn (September). Preproduction would begin early 2016 and the end product being available for distribution October /November 2016.

Possible Included Events

Midnight golf tournament (June), Canada Day (July), Rodeo (September)

Potential Involved Organizations

Ag Society, Brownies/Scouts/Cadets, Figure Skating Club, Golf & Country Club, Running Club, Curling Club, Theater Troupe, Rod & Gun Club, High Level Fire Department.

Key Videography

Showcasing a dynamic range of videography will keep the viewer engaged and entertained through the duration of the film. This will be accomplished by including the following subjects:

  • Environmental Aerial Photography
    • Quadcopter Drone
    • Fixed Wing
    • Rotary Wing
  • Campgrounds
  • Golf Course
  • Outdoor Activities
    • Cross country skiing
    • Fishing
    • Horseback riding
    • Canoeing
    • Snowmobiling
  • Northern Lights/Astrophotography
  • Wildlife
  • Agriculture/Farm life
  • Cityscape
    • City by night
    • Aquatic center
    • Movie theater
    • Bowling alley
    • Carnival
    • McKenzie Crossroads Museum


While the budget will have to be discussed in detail, a quality product can be produced within the $5,000 - $7,500 range. An increased budget will directly influence production value as more equipment and personnel can be added.

A general outline of expenses for a project of $7,500 can be as follows:

Preproduction: $500 Includes research, scheduling, travel, hiring local resources

Equipment: $2500 Purchasing project specific equipment and repairs

Personnel: $1000 Wage, meals, etc.

Production: $2000 Securing local permits, expenses incurred during production

Travel: $1500 Fuel, food, lodging

Lodging: $500 During production lodging

Post-production: $500 Editing, software and unplanned expenses

Sample Video


Stephen Underhay Photography and associated photographers are a good fit for this project. We are connected to the region, have a strong photography and videography skill base, a firm creative grasp on the promotion of Alberta’s landscapes and are able to complete a project with budget dedications to a high production value and quality end product.

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